Meeting Schedule
9/1/2020Until Further notice, all meetings will take place virtually via Zoom
9/24/2020Competition - Zoology & Ornithology - Nick Palmieri
10/1/2020Storytelling in Stills and Video - Bob Krist
10/8/2020Program- Introduction to Video for Photographers - Jon Grall
10/10/2020Macro Workshop will be rescheduled when the Environmental Center reopens.
10/16/2020PSA Round 1 deadline for entry
10/22/2020Competition - Botany & General Nature - Arik Gorban
11/5/2020NJFCC Fall Nature Competition - Susan Candalario, Jacki Dickert, Dan Schroder
11/19/2020Program - Simple Tools, Power Outcomes, Editing with your Brain - Peter Gordon
12/3/2020Assigned Subjects: Black & White; Water in any Form - Phil Echo
1/1/2021Holiday Party TBD
1/14/2021Competition: Zoology & Ornithology - Roman Kurywczak
1/16/2021PSA Round 2 deadline for entry
1/28/2021Program: Art & Science of Bird Photography - B. N. Singh
2/11/2021Competition: Botany & General Nature - Dave Mills
2/25/2021Program: Creative Photography - Nick Palmieri
3/11/2021Competition - Zoology & Ornithology - Buddy Eleazer
3/16/2021PSA Round 3 Deadline for entry
3/25/2021Program: Cam Nats University + Business Meeting
4/8/2021Competition: Botany & General Nature - Al Brown
4/22/2021Delmarva Peninsula - Phil and Becky Witt
5/13/2021Competition: Creative Digital Nature Images a la Lisa Langell
5/27/2021Competition - Zoology & Ornithology - David Unger, Becky Witt, and Ellen Stein
          Meetings start promptly at 7:30 pm, people start to arrive around 7 pm

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