Meeting Schedule

Date Topic
9/7/2023   Back to club (2 images per member) & AI (Generative Fill) Discussion - Nick Palmieri **EEC**
9/14/2023   “IBTW” Program: Selecting & Preparing Black and White images - Nick Palmieri **ZOOM**
9/21/2023   Competition: Ornithology and General Nature - Phil Echo **EEC**
9/28/2023   “IBTW” Program: In-Camera Manipulation Techniques - Natalie Gregorio **ZOOM**
10/5/2023   Competition: Botany and Zoology – Jacki Dickert **EEC**
10/19/2023   Color Management : The Why, What, When, Where and How- Michael Milicia **ZOOM**
10/26/2023   “IBTW” Program: The Rules of Composition - Nick Palmieri **ZOOM**
11/2/2023   Program: Taking Your Wildlife Photography to the Next Level-Simon d’Entremont **ZOOM**
11/9/2023   “IBTW” Program: Creative Post Processing - Ellen Stein **ZOOM**
11/14/2023   NJFCC Fall Nature Competition (Somerset) **ZOOM**
11/16/2023   Competition: Ornithology and General Nature - Roman Kurywczak **ZOOM**
11/21/2023   NJFCC Fall Pictorial Competition (Rockland)**ZOOM**
11/30/2023   Program: Pathway to Creativity - Jacki Dickert **EEC**
12/14/2023   Competition: Botany and Zoology – Phil Witt **ZOOM**
1/4/2024   Program: Three Keys to Bird Photography - Scott Keys **ZOOM**
1/18/2024   Competition: Ornithology and General Nature - Roman Kurywczak **ZOOM**
1/25/2024   "IBTW" Program: Cleaning up Backgrounds in Photoshop - Jack Moskowitz **ZOOM**
1/31/2024   NJFCC Winter Pictorial Competition (Sparta) **ZOOM**
2/1/2024   Program: Is Your Flower Photography Boring? Let Me Help - Mike Moats **ZOOM**
2/7/2024   NJFCC Winter Nature Competition (Morris Photo Color) **ZOOM**
2/15/2024   Competition: Creative Post Processing/Creative in Camera - Nick Palmieri **ZOOM**
2/22/2024   "IBTW" Program: Lightroom Classic – Why and How - Jack Moskowitz **ZOOM**
2/29/2024   Program: Closeup and Personal - The Joys of Macro Photography- Todd Nettlehorst **ZOOM**
3/7/2024   Competition: Black & White/Macro - Jordan Basem (B and A groups) Roman Kurywczak (Salon)**ZOOM**
3/14/2024   Business Meeting followed by CamNats University - Ellen Stein **EEC**
3/21/2024   Critique Session with Phil Echo - (1 image per maker) Critique and Interaction **EEC**
3/28/2024   Program: Planning an Astrophotography/Sunrise/Sunset Shoot using Photopills - Jennifer Khordi **ZOOM**
4/15/2024   NJFCC Spring Nature Competition (Cranford/Millburn)**ZOOM**
4/16/2024   NJFCC Spring Pictorial Competition (Teaneck) **ZOOM**
4/18/2024   Competition: Botany and Zoology – Becky Witt **ZOOM**
4/25/2024   Program: Designing Your Photos - Using the Building Blocks of Design - Todd Nettlehorst **ZOOM**
5/2/2024   “IBTW” Program:  Minimalism in Nature - Ellen Stein **ZOOM**
5/9/2024   Competition: Art In Nature/Reflections - Jacki DIckert **ZOOM**
5/23/2024   Program: Photographing at the Edge, Jacki Dickert **EEC**
6/6/2024   Program: The Challenges of Landscape Photography - Nick Palmieri **ZOOM**
6/20/2024   Competition: Abstracts in Nature - Natalie Gregorio/Minimalism in Nature - Ellen Stein **EEC**
          Meetings start promptly at 7:30 pm, people start to arrive around 7 pm

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