Meeting Schedule
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9/6/2018Back to Club Night
9/20/2018Program- Shooting, Processing, & Preparing Competition Grade Digital Images - Nick Palmieri
10/4/2018Competition- Ornithology & General Nature - Judge - David Mills
10/13/2018Nature Photography Workshop at the Environmental Ctr. 10AM & 1 PM
10/18/2018NJFCC Fall Nature Contest - Judges- Vinnie Kempf, Jordan Basem,Susan Candalario - MEETING @ NJ AUDUBON SANCTUARY, 11 HARDSCRABLE RD, BERNARDSVILLE NJ
11/1/2018Competition - Botany & Zoology - Judge - Roman Kurywczak
11/15/2018Program - CamNat University Presenters are J Moskowitz on Blending & J Basem on Custom Controls
12/6/2018Make - Up Program for 11/15 @ NJ Audubon, 11 Hardscrabble Rd. Bernardsville
1/10/2019Competition - Assignment - Black & White & Art in Nature - Judge - Phil Echo
1/12/2019Holiday Luncheon Noon @ Shabos, 57 Main St. Chester NJ
1/24/2019Program- Confessions Of A Nature Photographer - Phil Witt
2/7/2019Competition - Ornithology & General Nature - Judge -Phil Echo
2/21/2019Program - The Bears of Silver Salmon Creek - David DesRochers
3/7/2019Competition - Botany & Zoology - Judge -Vinnie Kempf
3/21/2019A Panel Discussion on How We Learn Phtography
4/4/2019Competition - Ornithology & General Nature - Judge Frank (Buddy) Eleazer
4/18/2019Program - Internet Presence for Photographers - Jon Grall
5/9/2019Competition - Botany & Zoology - Judge Nick Palmieri
5/11/2019Environmental Ctr Program Captured By The Camera 10AM & 1PM
5/23/2019Competition Assignment - Creative Digital & Macro - Judge Bob Thomas
6/29/2019Club Picnic - Hosted by Jack & Ellen Moskowitz
6/30/2019Signup for Refreshments
          Meetings start promptly at 7:30 pm, people start to arrive around 7 pm

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